My Big Fat Gluten Free Experiment – The Results

I wrote this back in August 2015,

“Out of desperation, I have decided to go ‘gluten free’ in an attempt to curb the symptoms I experience from RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

I don’t ‘think’ I’m feeling any better, but I have to say I do feel less stiff this week, and also I’m sure I’ve felt less fatigued.  Whether this is all coincidental, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the gluten-free, maybe not!  I shall continue and report again at a later date.  “

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What I forgot to do, was actually update you.  So here I am almost 6 months on to do just that.

The truth is, I almost hate to admit it to be honest, is that I certainly did feel better not eating foods containing gluten.

I say “I almost hate to admit” it because I’ve always been a bit of a naysayer when it came to diet impacting the autoimmune disease.

I mean, how can eating bread affect your joints?

How can my morning cereal make me want to sleep the day away?

For goodness sake, talk sense!

And so I resisted changing what I ate.

But then my mother told me to try it because it gave her almost complete relief from her bi-weekly migraines. And I’m a good girl who does as she’s told.

Five months on and I would’ve told you yes – a gluten free diet has helped. I would’ve said that I had less pain, less swelling, less stiffness and less fatigue. I would’ve capped it by saying while there was improvement in the symptoms experienced, it wasn’t that much of an improvement. Not enough to write home about, which is probably why I didn’t update the experiment’s results.

However – since then Christmas has come and gone – and I’ve eaten my body weight (probably) in delicious gluteny goodness in the shape of mince pies and croissants (they were blummin’ nice too).

But by New Year I was a swollen mass of hot pink puffy pain. And I was plenty grumpy and tired too.

Where I didn’t notice a huge improvement going gluten free, I most certainly did notice a huge degeneration after only one week of eating yummy, yummy gluten products. 

Six months on, I have decided that I am most definitely not eating a large quantity of gluten ever again. 

Except for the occasional treat that calls my name.

Thank you for reading,

Chin up, chest out, move forward and keep smiling,

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2 thoughts on “My Big Fat Gluten Free Experiment – The Results

  1. Christmas stuffing did me in. I am back to trying to go gluten free. I noticed a difference in joints, but the stomach pain was unreal after over indulging. Good luck.


    1. Oh no stomach pain sounds horrible! Was that just because of the breadcrumbs in the stuffing do you think? I love sage and onion stuffing, it could be 100% gluten and I’d still eat it 🙂

      At the mo. I’m just off white bread, or white flour really, I seem to be tolerating wholemeal. I don’t know why. Best wishes to you Karen!


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