Sleep, like OMG


I love sleep. Really, really love it.

The feeling of waking up after a truly blissful snooze, warm and cozy, pain free, and more importantly, feeling refreshed, is unlike any other feeling on earth.  Much better than chocolate, or ice cream, or that s.e.x. business.

Better than anything, and I got it today during my nap…

I have daytime naps if and when I can – I used to feel guilty about them, but I don’t anymore.  If you don’t like the fact I nap, then you can bog right off.  That’s my attitude these days.

I nap because of the fatigue I get from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  It’s worse than the awful tiredness of the early stages of both my pregnancies, and I thought that was bad enough.


And so, I nap, but I don’t usually feel refreshed in the slightest, just feel a little less grumpy.  The same goes for waking in the morning.  I haven’t felt refreshed after sleep since 1995 probably.  Yeah, that’s more than likely right, 1995.  At times like this I wish I came from Texas just so I could say, ‘that’s 20 years ago y’all!’, but I best to stick to my own colloquial limitations to exclaim instead that I cannot believe it, 20 blinking years.  My eldest daughter is 19.  Coincidence? I think not.

I’m sure any parent among you have not slept well since your cherub/s birth, especially if you have a chronic illness as well.  I won’t bore you with tales of sleepless painful nights, of irritating snoring husband/bed partner, or of hot/cold/hot again adventures.  That would be boring, because you get those too, don’t you?

We’re not so different, you and I.

I want YOU to sleep as well as I did earlier today.  Heck, I want ME to do that again too.  In that vein, here are my top tips – like you need them, like you haven’t thought of this yourself a thousand times –

Top Tips for Better Than That S.E.X. Business

  1. Buy the best mattress you can afford.  Pillow too.
  2. Buy a feather duvet if you’re not allergic – mine cost £20 – so warm and comfy and makes me feel like I’m being hugged by a marshmallow.
  3. If your bed partner keeps stealing the duvet, but you’re not ready for separate beds, try separate duvets.  We’ve got 2 singles on our bed.  This has the added bonus that I can throw mine off if I get hot, tuck myself up in it if I get cold, or use it tucked between my knees or under various body parts for support without annoying my better half.
  4. A cushion between the knees while lying on your side can be very comfy.
  5. Don’t drink caffeine before bed, types she who’s currently drinking a latte spiked with Bailey’s at 9pm…
  6. In fact, don’t drink any great amount of anything for a couple of hours before bed, if you have an egg cup sized bladder like mine.
  7. Nice and clean bedding makes all the difference.  The softer the bedding to the touch the better.
  8. A hot shower or bath before bed helps too.


That’s it.  Those are my tips for a good night’s sleep.  I didn’t add obvious things like not watching TV or using devices because…well, you know all that anyway,

Sleep is the foundation for EVERYTHING.  Without good quality sleep, life is so much harder, I’m sure you’ll agree.  Do whatever it takes to get your 8 hours of good quality snoozes, and I guarantee you will be a happier and healthier person in no time.

Chin up, keep smiling, and keep on keepin’ on,



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7 thoughts on “Sleep, like OMG

  1. I have to nap (or at least try to fall asleep) during the day as well, because of the rheumatism, chronic tiredness, chronic pain combination. There’s nothing wrong with that, although usually ‘not-ill’ people have quite some trouble to get ‘used’ to that ‘resting/sleeping during the day’ of mine. My body just needs it and if I do it, I can do more. Win-win. Except that it’s very hard to fall asleep, but trying is better than nothing. I’m glad you can fit it in your routine as well.


    1. I used to get a lot of comments about how lazy I was for napping. I just tell them they’re lucky they’re not as ill as me then. haha! I agree with everything you say. I listen to audiobooks or radio plays (bbc iplayer radio) to aid me to sleep. Fantastic. Thank you for commenting Mel!

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  2. Sleep is AMAZING! I agree. Please may I add to the Top Tip list. Get a mattress “topper” – they are amazing. Got one for Christmas. Revolutionary! 😃


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