Gimme Some Hygge!

My pursuit of peace, joy and happiness has brought me to hygge!  You may well be asking what on earth that is.  Please allow me to tell you…it’s worth learning about!

First things first – hygge is pronounced like ‘hooga’ it is said.  I myself have heard it rhyme with ‘sugar’, with a bit of phlemy ‘ur’ on the final vowel sound.


Hygge is the idea of warmth and comfort


Hygge is a Danish concept and thought process, and means ‘cosiness’.  Hygge is the idea of warmth and comfort, it’s the idea of making and experiencing gorgeous, soft and warm luxury in any place, event, time, or situation.

Hygge can be done alone, but I get the feeling from Visit Denmark that it’s best done in company.  Apparently hygge can even be experienced on a bike ride.  Presumably you’ve got to stop off for a pub lunch along the way to make it hygge.  If I did bike rides, that’s the kind I’d like to do!

Hygge is an experience



Hygge is…curling up with a cosy blanket. And a bar of chocolate.
A Good book, hot drink, sofa: totally hygg


Hygge is…cuddling up or napping with a pet


Hygge is…a comfortable place
Hygge is…warmth and crackling logs
Family meals – hygge or disaster…you decide
Hygge evenings with friends
Added for hilarity reasons. ET forgot to go home.


…more candles…
…even more candles. On Cakes. Hello, complete hygge right here.
Hygge treats to eat and drink


The Danes sure like their candles!

Copenhagen, Denmark


Other Scandinavian countries have their versions of hygge too.

Hygge is best things about Christmas

As hygge is all about good company, good food, good environment, good times (and it appears) good candles, hygge is viewed as the best things about Christmas, but all year ’round.  Now THAT, my friends, is something I can get my head around!

Sunday is hygge day

Sunday is a great day for me to experience hygge the whole day through.  No work, family around me and TIME TO RELAX.

What’s your favourite hygge thing to do?

Take it easy and keep smiling,

Thank you for reading.



Public domain images from Pixabay



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