How to be a Morning Routine Super-Parent


Mornings. I Hate them.

Getting out of the house with all the things you need for the day, looking half-decent, and still in possession of your sanity is no easy task – especially if you are responsible for more people than just yourself.

Whether you work outside or at home, being a parent can be truly exhausting in the mornings.

Keep reading for tips on getting everyone ready for the day without losing your marbles.

There are many standard tips and ideas around the Googleverse available to help your morning go smoothly – below are the ones that I have found most useful; they are tried, tested, trusted…and fool-proof!  Add one, two or all of them to your usual morning schedule, and see the results.

If you have a chronic illness and/or a child with additional needs too, these tips may be of even more use.


  1. All Super-Parent’s know to prepare packed lunches or give out lunch money the day before.
  2. Super-Parent’s also know that handbags, purses, briefcases, man-bags and school bags should be also packed the day before, and left somewhere accessible along with sports equipment, musical instruments, tools, laptops or whatever else is needed.
  3. Clothes laid out or hung where everyone can find them easily, including underwear, socks, shoes and matching jewellery if necessary is something every Super-Parent knows to do.
  4. Bathe/shower everyone the night before.  Especially for Super-Parent’s with hair that needs taming in the morning.
  5. The morning is not the time to experiment with new make-up or new anything!  Do that the night before! No-one wants to be baby-wiping off silver eyeshadow or re-plaiting little Sally’s hair into a half-decent style, when there are more important things to do!  Like making coffee!
  6. Find out TONIGHT what everyone wants for breakfast tomorrow – if you have a fussy bunch like mine, they may well want different things, and the morning is not the time to even attempt teaching children that they should eat what they’re given.  So not the time, try that lesson another day, I would.  If you can pre-prepare, then do so.  If you can’t, then at least you won’t have to be shouting up the stairs at 7am requesting said information.  Super-Parent never shouts up the stairs at 7am.
  7. Leave yourself an ’emergency 10 minutes’ free in your schedule.  It will soon be filled with a crying child who’s stubbed a toe, cocker spaniel puke clean-up or the ubiquitous ‘I’ve forgotten to do my homework’ child. Under normal circumstances any of these would cause you to be late to the school gate had you not thought ahead and scheduled it in, but now that you’re super-parent, nothing fazes you.

I find this information helpful, especially at times where I’m in pain or when my youngest daughter’s sensory issues are most troublesome. Or when the dog throws up everywhere.  Every.  Where.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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