I’m so glad to see you here, thanks for popping in!


I’m Jude. I’ve been married for 20 years, I love dogs, coffee, films and cozy nights, reading when I have the time.

I own the world’s cutest Pekingese.  Really.  She is just so adorable.

I also love food, but have not been blessed with any cookery skills whatever.  Not one to be deterred by that, I have a long list of culinary failures behind me.

I have teenage daughters, one of whom has CP and is newly being homeschooled.

I work part-time.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) diagnosed a few years ago.  I’m fatigued and in pain every day. It is horrible, sometimes.

Well, that’s me!







Here is a link to my previous site  ‘My Big Fat Rheumatoid Life’  in case you are interested in reading that ‘ABOUT’ page

For a short while, I blogged over at My Big Fat Rheumatoid Life before realising that focusing on my chronic ill-health wasn’t helping me in the slightest. I enjoyed blogging, and I especially enjoyed connecting with the blogging community (you’re really nice people!), but just writing about how crappy my poor life was not doing me any good.


I am on Twitter and one day I plan to learn how to use it


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22 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m so happy that you’ve changed your focus. Negativity attracts more of the same so that’s why it wasn’t helping. This will attract positivity into your life. I’m so sorry you didn’t get positive results from the school for your daughter. I’m an Educational Assistant and have worked with many kids whom have CP. Our school board is inclusive so the kids go to classes with their peers but can be taught in a quieter environment, if necessary. I wish all boards adopted this philosophy. It’s win/win for all the students.


    1. Hi Cathy…thank you for your kind comments:). My daughter benefitted from full inclusion from age 5 and up, and integration before that during assessment. I worked and fought long and hard for that! What happened in the end, I think, was by the time she was coming up to her 16th birthday doing normal GCSE examination work…she’s had enough of being shouted and enduring sarcastic comments from support staff, teachers treating her like she was stupid and general peers annoyed the crap out of her. She doesn’t have a friend, just us family:). The school claimed there was a quiet spot she could go to at break times, but my girl said it was full of noisy kids in any case. They weren’t very supportive towards the end and communicated their frustration at having my daughter in the air school. No wonder she didn’t want to go any longer! Best decision I ever made! Wow, sorry for rambling:) jude.

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      1. Don’t behave on my account. People need to be better at being authentic, expressing doubts, and growing together. We all have difference experiences and beliefs, but we are all running the same race. If people have genuine questions about things I believe or post, I cherish a good-faith and even robust discussion.

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